Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Problem with old Tractors...

Last week Friday was a day I questioned my old iron addiction.  Especially, since I had just bought a "newer" machine to help in that respect.  So here's what happened...

I got a powerwasher from a neighbor.  Couldn't beat the price, 60 bucks, so I had to have it.  They are handy to have...its not heavy duty, but for cleaning gutters and washing my equipment, it'll work fine.  6 horse, 2500 psi or something.  Fired it up to powerwash one of my mowing decks...hasn't run in a while, and it was drain of gasoline...No problem.  Filled it up and it IMMEDIATELY started leaking gas everywhere.  Little bit of searching, and I find that the fuel line is cracked in a couple places.  I drained the tank back out, replaced the line, and was back in business.  It works well!  I finished cleaning my mower deck, and decided it was time to mow.

I fired up the newest addition (my Sovereign 18) and it cranks about a half a turn, and nothing.  Well, not nothing because I saw SMOKE come out from under the dash!  Sunofagun!  This isn't good.  I made sure it wasn't on fire (it wasn't) and figured it was just a minor electrical gremlin.  I had been into the dash before, and noted that there were some things that needed fixing.  I was going to wait until winter though.

Anyway, I have another tractor (the 7016H) that I can mount the deck on (the other was drying after powerwashing) so I figured I'd just use that.  I changed the deck over, and fired it up.  Forgot the belt...dang it.  Killed the tractor, grabbed the belt, and mounted that.  Fired it back up and noticed the blades are spinning.  This is a problem, because I haven't actually engaged the PTO yet!  So I wiggle the handle a bit, not getting the right feeling.  I stop the engine again, and start to look at the PTO.  I pull on the handle a bit harder, and POP!  The PTO engagement mechanism broke.

So, now I have THREE tractors with mower decks...and I had to push mow my dang yard!  I guess its good exercise.

Old Iron is GREAT.  Its heavy duty and repairable.  However...the fact that its repairable means that at some point, its gonna break, and need a repair.  Murphy's Law dictates that it all breaks at once!

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